I have over two decades of professional experience in visual communications. I’m currently helping businesses grow by developing their branding and digital strategies (so they may enjoy wild success) as okthx, and in my spare time I create fonts at Midwest Type.

I grew up in a small town south of Cleveland on a state-owned research farm surrounded by experimental field plots. I later worked as a research assistant for The Ohio State University at an agricultural facility before starting my career in graphic design. Today I live in the country outside of Akron, Ohio, with my wife Chelsea, our chinchilla Sasparilla (R.I.P. little buddy—17.5 years!), and our dogs Penny and Zeke. When not in the studio, I’m most likely outside pulling weeds.

I have a background in design, illustration, and fine art. I will take on the occasional freelance project, so if you have something cool in mind, please get in touch.